• Model: 56-223W

White Adjustable Guide Hinge 56-223W. Windsor-Superior 2-D Horizontal Hinge

Guide hinges have horizontal adjustment and a minimum of 2 hinges per door panel. This hinge is a replacement for Columbus 2-D Adjustable Door Hinges. Old style hinges stamped: Patent: 5701636. For use on vinyl and woor doors. Screws included.

Settling of walls and floors can make door panels hard to open and close. The 2-D Adjustable Hinges allow easy adjustment of the door both horizontally and vertically with just the turn of a screw. Each hinge is reversible and has maintenance free bearings.

There are two types of adjustable hinges for each door panel.
A. Set Hinge: One per panel. This has vertical adjustment (+/- 3mm). Our 56-224, sold separately.
B. Guide Hinge: Minimum of two per panel. These hinges only have the horizontal adjustment (+/- 2mm.) Our 56-223.

Adjust the horizontal by turning clockwise to increase the margins. Turn counter clockwise to decrease the margins. The horizontal hinge has 7 turns from its extremes. The guide hinges float up and down with the adjustment of the set hinge to prevent hinge binding. Our hinge replacement tool 59-180 can also help with ease of installation.

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