• Model: 56-224PB

Polished Brass Adjustable Set Hinge 56-224PB. Windsor-Superior 2-D Vertical Hinge

Set hinges have vertical adjustment and usually 1 hinge per door panel. This hinge is a replacement for Columbus 2-D Adjustable Door Hinge 850-8755047. Old style hinge stamped Patent: 5701636. For use on vinyl and wood doors. Screws included.

Settling of walls and floors can make door panels hard to open and close. The 2-D Adjustable Hinges allow easy adjustment of the door both horizontally and vertically with just the turn of a screw. Each hinge is reversible and has maintenance free bearings.

There are two types of adjustable door hinges for each door panel.
A. Set Hinge: One per panel. This has vertical adjustment (+/- 3mm). Our 56-224.
B. Guide Hinge: Minimum of two per panel. These hinges only have the horizontal adjustment (+/- 2mm.) Our 56-223, sold separately.

Normal hinge replacement has the set hinge. Using a Phillips screwdriver, first adjust the panel up or down by turning the screw marked "V" on the set hinge. When turning the screw in the direction of the arrow (counter clockwise) the other leaf will be pushed in the direction of the arrow. Automatic screwdrivers are not recommended. The speed of the gun may strip the heads if the screws are over adjusted. 

When the vertical adjustment is turned clockwise, the non-adjustable leaf will move in the direction of the arrow. The vertical adjustment has 32 turns from its extremes. Our hinge replacement tool 59-180 can also help with ease of installation.

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