• Model: 59-101

Spray X Glass Cleaner contains less water and more cleaning power. Our patent pending formulation allows us to meet the current VOC regulations and deliver maximum cleaning performance for our customers. Compare our alcohol content to other national brands and you'll notice our quality is significantly higher

Spray X Glass Cleaner uses SD-40B cosmetic grade alcohol that is 200 proof and 99.9% pure. This type of alcohol requires a registration with the US Department of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, and each Spray-X Glass Cleaner can is marked with our registration number. Compare our registration to other brands and you’ll quickly agree this product has been performance engineered to meet all your glass cleaning needs.
Spray X Glass Cleaner for cleaning and polishing glass, mirrors and other nonporous surfaces. This easy-to-use, fast-acting product uses clinging foam to break up soils and hold them -even on vertical surfaces. There’s no dripping, no running and no streaking. With an exclusive industrial strength formulation, this product cleans thoroughly, dries quickly, requires no rinsing and leaves a pleasant, fresh aroma.
Spray-X Glass Cleaner utilizes a 360 degree valve for ease of use. This allows our product to be sprayed right side up or upside down. Other brands cannot spray upside down, but we have this solid valve feature, plus the anti- fatigue finger pad makes this packaging very attractive to all users.
Spray-X Glass Cleaner is alcohol based. It does not contain ammonia. When comparing our performance on tinted glass to ammoniated brands most professional installers praise the difference.
Spray-X Glass Cleaner is packaged in a two-piece steel can. No side seam means we use less energy and material and generate less waste. Our can weighs 10% less than the three-piece equivalent and is 100% recyclable. You will appreciate the new contemporary can design.

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