• Model: 39-634
The New Electronics Package provides many new features to enhance a home's comfort and its owner’s peace of mind.
• Quick and Easy Installation of the skylight is possible when motor system is pre-installed and programmed by skylight manufacturer at their facility. The electrician needs only to connect line voltage power and the skylight is completely ready for operation -no further set up would be required by the installer or homeowner!
• Power Conversion built right into the skylight mounted control package which accepts direct connection of line voltages from 100 to 240 VAC at 47 to 440 Hz. No more transformers to complicate and add expense to the installation.
• Power Blind System Compatible. Centralized window control is now possible with Sentry II’s ability to accept and control most 24 VDC power blind systems. The Sentry II RF remote or wall switch controls both skylight and blind motors for convenient, centralized control.
• Power Protected Memory eliminates the need to “reset” or retrain the control system after a power outage. Once the installation is complete, the motor never needs further service or adjustments -even after prolonged power outages!
• RF Remote Compatibility built into all motor control packages as a standard feature. Simply order the optional remote to add new and exciting control capability for the homeowner.
• Rain Sensor, standard on all kits, automatically closes the skylight at the first sign of moisture. Corrosion resistant sensor decreases mechanisms cleaning requirements and extends service life.
• Easily Adapts for new construction or retrofit applications. Please consult with your electrical contractor for a
retrofit evaluation.
• ETL Listed and CE Approved. Meets all requirements for Class II installations.
• Safety -Automatic Motor Reversal has been engineered into the system which is intended to reverse the motor should an obstruction stop the skylight while closing. In addition, a screen interlock is provided which, when properly installed, electrically disconnects the motor when the screen is removed. These features are intended to help prevent personal injury which could result from reaching into the skylight area during its operation.
• Synchronized Operation of multiple motors is now
standard on the HS motor system. The same Sentry II HS motor system can now be used on single motor applications or it can be ganged with up to four motor units on a large single skylight. Multiple motors on a single skylight add
stability and capacity.
• Awning Windows –Can also be fitted with the Sentry II HS Motor System. Skylight hardware systems work great on awning windows with butt hinges.
• Building Automation Systems can easily be tied into the control electronics for virtually limitless ventilation possibilities.
Truth’s Sentry II HS for heavy skylights is load rated at 80 lbs. at the chain. This equates to a total skylight hatch weight of 160 lbs. Sentry II HS power skylight system is rated at 50 watts.
Sentry II HS for heavy skylights
Order 1 each per skylight
- 39-634 - Sentry II HS System
- 39-637-X - Cover (X denotes finish code)
Order 1 Hand Held Remote and/or Wall Switch
- 39-640 - Hand Held RF Remote
- 39-642 - Wall Switch


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